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What is the need?

Childhood is the right time to inculcate healthy habits and routines that offer protection against chronic diseases like obesity, heart diseases, and depression. Childhood and adolescent obesity are the forerunners of diabetes in adulthood. School wellness activities should include discussions on better meal plan and education of mothers on cooking and dining practices. Routine physical exercise for children not only improves the body mass index but also increases concentration in studies and helps in cracking tough exams like NEET. A great student-teacher relationship is of paramount importance in student wellness. Hence the need for teacher wellness lectures and workshops

A school wellness program not only focuses on optimal growth but also works on the emotional intelligence of the child. Schools which have wellness activities generally give better results in competitive exams like NEET. The reason is that, just as the study strategy is taken care of by the tutors, the emotional skills that are vital for cracking exams like NEET are taken care of by the wellness consultant. The most important among these is exam stress management, which is proving to be a cause for depression and suicidal tendencies in children and adolescents.