Welcome to Wellness Coach India!

What is the need?

Every organization/company should have a health coach to offer tips for prevention of illness and promote holistic wellness. Some of the key areas,

  • Prevention of diabetes mellitus
  • Prevention of hypertension
  • Prevention of heart attacks
  • Management of stress-related psychological problems
  • Device diet plans and exercise routines for healthy weight loss
  • To teach de-stressing methods
  • Prevention of complications in diabetic/ hypertensive staff
  • Management of age-related diseases like osteoporosis
  • Address women’s problems like PCOS and prescribe PCOS diet and exercise
  • Modify the diet plan and exercise routines based on biometric values
  • Lifestyle modifications

The benefits of a corporate wellness program/ lectures or consults are,

  • Minimal absenteeism due to illness, maximum productivity
  • Minimal medical reimbursements
  • Maximum staff retention
  • Better brand image of the institution or company
  • Better focus on work done, hence better work output
  • Better staff interaction and mutual support in times of crisis
  • A Better relationship between employer and employee, the company becomes a family