Welcome to Wellness Coach India!

Services Offered

Lectures or mini group discussions/interactive sessions for institutions and corporates in and around Chennai located at radius of 30 km from our office. Other institutions and corporates please call us at 9840198288 and we can tell you how to go about it.

We also offer one to one(online) consults for clients on different health and fitness topics and right meal practises and their benefits. This service is offered to

  • Institutions: Schools and Colleges
  • Corporates


Institutions are requested to book a slot a full 3 weeks ahead of time for better service. Topics bordering on self discipline, fitness routine, eating right, tackling obesity or any other chosen by the institution bordering on health and generalised wellbeing can be addressed

Schools Specials

  • The child’s overall wellness-the mother’s role (a talk or interactive session for mothers)
  • A teengaer’s wellness-the mother’s role( a talk or interactive session for mothers)
  • A student’s wellness- an eye opener for teachers
  • Adolescent obesity and its effects in later life
  • Fashionable foods and what is in store
  • How does routine physical activity transform you-students interactive session

College Favourites

  • Student teacher relationship-how does it contribute to student wellness(a talk for teachers of colleges)
  • Obesity, what is in store?
  • Fashionable foods
  • Peer pressure and its impact on wellness
  • The games we need to play
  • Life’s lessons- foundation in colleges


Corporates Cholce

  • Self appraisal and wellness
  • Building self esteem
  • Metabolic syndrome, how common is it
  • Fashionable foods
  • Wellness components
  • Why do cardio
  • Obesity and how to beat it
  • Why should you work on your looks
  • Focus on your strengths
  • My payback to my employer
  • Strenghthening – benefits