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Dietary management with a good exercise schedule has helped many of my clients delay the requirement of a drug. And furthermore, I have helped them prevent the complications associated with both these conditions.

Diabetes mellitus especially type 2 diabetes is a preventable disease. The sudden increase in diabetes is due to obesity secondary to a preferential loading of carbohydrates as opposed to a balanced diet and loss of muscle mass due to inactivity

In this group, I work on the diet plan and exercise prescription which is personalized. The blood sugar levels can be monitored and are indicators of progress in physical fitness. We have helped them prevent the complications associated with diabetes mellitus


Hypertension diet plan and fitness routines lower the blood pressure of clients considerably. When intervention is early they go off drugs. Stress release is of great importance in the management of hypertension. A lipid profile is one of the biometric values we use to assess the usefulness of the fitness regimen.

Prevention of heart attack and stroke is one of many such benefits of a monitored medical weight loss. Those with a family history of heart attacks or ischemic heart disease benefit enormously from these interventions