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This has been a major concern among the adolescent boys and girls as well as men and women in the corporate world. The teenagers hardly speak to their parents about their fears and problems. The clients in their 20’s who are into the corporate world, have a lot of psychological problems like depression and suicidal tendencies. They rarely talk to their parents and are glued to their smartphones when back home. They rarely eat home-cooked food, are obese with numerous other health issues including psychological problems. I address their concerns and after rounds of counselling that are essential to to establish a rapport , they open up about their problems and voluntarily accept to make changes.

We focus on forming lasting habits– routine physical activity, healthy diet plan, 8 hrs of sleep, limited hours of TV/ smartphone engagement and introduce healthy cooking and dining habits in order to reduce obesity. We encourage quality time with family and emphasize on family love and support as a stress buster, in addition to the easy destressing methods we teach.