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The adolescent age group is the most resistant to treatment. They succumb to peer pressure about being fashion conscious about food, lured into drinking colas and eating foods endorsed by actors and cricketers along with the numerous choices of easily available cheap, tasty junk foods. The curriculum puts so much pressure on the student that the net result is an absolute lack of physical activity, further compounded by the hours spent lazying in front of the TV or the Smartphone. The brunt is borne by the body in the form of obesity leading to hormonal imbalance and in the girl child it results in polycystic ovarian disease, paving the way for metabolic syndrome in adult life.

Our easy diet plan, exam stress management techniques, simple exercise routines, mothers plus daughters sessions in order to alter the dining routines at home- all these have cumulatively helped in healthy weight loss and as an added bonus, has improved their concentration in studies.