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Wellness is a state in which the body, mind and spirit are integrated by the individual to live a truly fulfilling life within the family and the community

About Me

I, Dr Hemamalini Tilak, as a Family Physician, Counsellor, Teacher, wellness coach and Nutrition therapist, have come a long way. As a medical graduate and a practicing clinician for the past 25 years, I have had the rare opportunity of observing and analyzing the different wellness determining factors of human life as I walked along with my patients. A question which often intrigued me was “How did the human body so flawlessly designed fall prey to so many physical and psychological problems? The answer was simple: Flaws in three vital areas-nutrition, physical activity and stress management. This realization led me to equip myself with 2 degrees, One in Fitness and Wellness and another in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics. Thus, The Wellness Program was born. It is a structured program that helps the individual make voluntary changes which will improve their health and productivity.

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Wellness is an actively pursued way of life, oriented towards optimal well-being

Are you one of these? I can help you

  • I need a diet plan using Indian foods
  • I’m obese. Can I beat this??
  • How do I know what to eat when I eat out?
  • I am diabetic/ hypertensive– but I need to be fit to handle my life
  • I need to overcome stress
  • Fitness should be part of my life
  • I have a family history of diabetes / cardiovascular events. What should I do to reduce the impact of this factor in my health?
  • How do I sustain my weight loss??
  • I want to be feminine and fit
  • Am I at risk for acquiring cardiovascular diseases?? Can you help with risk reduction??
  • I want to feel healthier and energized
  • My adolescent girl’s obesity is troubling me
  • What do I eat for healthier looking skin?
  • I am hooked up to a computer 8-10 hours a day. I’m obese and stressed out. What do I do to attain physical and emotional wellness??

My Work


The adolescent age group is the most resistant to treatment. They succumb to peer pressure about being fashion conscious about food, lured into drinking colas and…


Infertility has been area where I ,as a general physician have found stupendous success. Physical activity alongside a proper dietand correction of medical..


This has been a major concern among the adolescent boys and girls as well as men and women in the corporate world. The Teen hardly ever speaks to their parents about…


The women clientele realize that they are the backbone of their families and want to know how to retain their health, beauty, vitality and productivity. I help them with these issues…


This is my expertise. I employ all available tools including diet, physical activity, beauty tips, counselling, anthropometric measurements and biochemical tests for risk…


Dietary management with a good exercise schedule has helped many of my clients delay the requirement of drug. And furthermore I have helped them prevent the complications…